manurebanner is the official website of the Horse Manure Composting Program run by Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS).  Started in 2006, the Horse Manure Composting Program was born to provide horse property owners with the resources and technical assistance they required to improve the state of manure management in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Since its inception, the program has grown substantially, serving property owners across the provinces of BC and Alberta as well as into the United States Washington, Florida and California.  Given the interest in the program, it is clear that such a program is needed by the equine industry.

On this site you will find valuable resources to help you deal with a number of issues surrounding manure management, a blog where you can ask questions directly to our Agrologist, and a complete list of the services we provide.  Check back regularly for new, up-to-date articles on manure management, and check out the questions being answered on "Ask the Manure Maiden".


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Composting, the process where organic matter is degraded by micro-organisms to produce a dark, earthy-smelling substance, soil, is an excellent option to dealing with manure management in the horse industry.

Manure Link


Manure Link connects gardeners with natural soil enhancers (composted manure) and provides local farmers with an outlet for their excess composted manure.